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Group Class for Newcomers, Advanced Rock Crawling, Overlanding and Winching Clinics

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We offer 1-on-1 training programssince there are so many levels of vehicle modifications and a wide range of driver off road experience so that each client has an optimized experience based experience and vehicle capability.  We do allow small groups of 2-4 vehicles to share training to accommodate friends and family.

We now offer limited Jeep Wrangler rentals for classes during mid-week, non-holiday times. Email us for details.

1-on-1 Training Programs
For modified 4x4s and Jeep Wrangler Rubicon models
Learn the capabilities of your new 4x4 and what is possible if you are new to off roading.
5 hours  -  $399
For modified Jeeps and Drivers who want to explore more extreme terrain
Offers greater challenges for the more experienced with modified 4x4s with some lift and 35' or larger tires.
7  hours  -  $599
What you will experience!
all training programs
  • Maneuvering in tight quarters
  • Climbing & descending hills
  • rock crawling
  • Driving through ruts & bumps
  • Climbing and descending steep ledges
  • Tire pressures for off road
  • Basic off road driving safety
  • Picking lines and vehicle spotting
4x4 Skills Programs

To register, email us with your preferred level of training and 2-3 preferred dates

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